"When I'm not doing something, I'm doing something else." - Me


Granison has been playing professional pretend for a number of years. You might have seen him on The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, Black & Sexy TV, or in a number of commercials including Nike, Comcast, and Credit Karma.

Voice Over

As a 90's kid, Granison watched tons of Saturday morning cartoons (American & Japanese), and dreamed tiny child dreams of doing voice over for film and television. Since his time in Los Angeles Granison has done several voices for commercials, short films, and cartoons.


Granison has been writing short stories & poetry since he was a wee lad, but in his time as an entertainer in Los Angeles he has gone on to write sci-fi fantasy comic books, several comedy pilot scripts, and multiple webseries he directed and produced.

About Granison

Granison grew up in Oakland and is currently an actor, writer, creator, and comedian in Los Angeles. Granison has been featured on stand up shows with The Rebels of Comedy, The Comedy Store, Flappers, he won first place in Last Comic Standing at the Haha Comedy Club, and recently won "Funniest Comic in LA 2017" in an Ice House Comedy Club Competition held by Golden Artist Entertainment. In addition to performing stand up, Granison has lead a lecture on his approach to comedy at USC and hosted a number of benefits for charitable causes such as Selective Mutism, an Orphanage in Nepal, and support against the Dakota Pipeline. Granison is perpetually positivity and believes that we are only as free as our understanding, so it's important to acknowledge where each other is coming from.


What other people had to say

"Granison is even funnier in 3D" - Too Tall Jones (Facebook Fan)